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If you’re not a fan of flight facilities yet, you better get on the train! This is another downtempo track that deserves a nice pair of headphones and a comfortable spot to lay down. Close your eyes. Listen, don’t just hear. Enjoi! If you want something a bit more dancy from them check out their track “With You” (Copy and paste the link at the bottom). Had that one on repeat for a while.


Dj Cheapshot just recently came out with this track. Its a new take on a classic! He blends true concious hip-hop with a new wave/indie vibe. The synths are real dreamy and definitely promote some lost-in-thought behavior. Couple that with De La Soul’s straight forward lyrics that address a point relevant even til today and voila; a chill track to vibe to especially when the sun is high and you need a little introspective time. Cheers!


I love soulful music, but it has been awhile since I heard any new artists in the world of Rnb that I wouldn’t mind listening to all day long, that was until I found miss Elle Varner. Well actually my bro found her and told me to check her out. The first track that got me pulled in was her song ’ I only wanna give it to you ‘. Sweet song that makes you think about that special someone you want to give your all to, but the track that sealed the deal was ’ Refill ‘. It was something about that fiddle playing in the back ground, sick beat, and her velvety voice that just had me doin a full body roll every time she sang refill.

Overall her album is a mix of songs she wrote through out her life. Any girl can identify with her transition from body image issues as a teen to her adult life where her love life is always going from hot to cold. You could be the girl who wants to give her all but is way too shy, or the girl who goes all out, either way you’re gonna find a reason to listen to miss Elle Varner. So check out her album Perfectly Imperfect .

—- Mugen Beatz

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